Freight forwarding services

Freight forwarding services

Freight Forwarding is a type of transporting when a person or a company gets goods from manufacturer to a market or another final point of delivery. This helps the customer avoid most of the problems associated with transportation.

Transportation of goods is a complex process, which includes a range of different actions, depending on the specific situation. Just to get the goods, you need the right paperwork. In addition, each type of cargo requires different modes of transport, different packaging, transport conditions and means for loading and unloading. There are also such issues as transportation across the border, which will require certain steps on the part of the carrier under the laws of those countries, whose boundary is crossed.

These problems are often immobilize process of delivery for days. Freight forwarding is a good way to avoid such problems. You only need to issue a bill of lading for the cargo all the way, and all the details with the paperwork for the cargo will take our specialist who will dispatch your order. Forwarding often ordered in cases when it is necessary to deliver the goods «door to door». Such orders require complex supply chain and a complex of different types of transport, which means working with large volumes of documents, lots of pitfalls and surprises. In such situation a specialist forwarder is the best solution.

Company «Tekiz Yol» offers services of qualified, experienced forwarders. Each of our specialists has a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of logistics in order to optimize your costs for transportation and create best path up to the point of arrival. We provide a full range of services related to freight forwarding.

If you have any additional questions about the freight forwarding, please contact our managers. We will answer to all your questions!

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