Rail transportation

Rail transportation

The railway is used for cargo transportation in the two cases: either for the transport of goods over long distances or for transporting large quantities of goods.

Rail transportation has an extraordinary reliability and capacity, as well as independence from different accidents that can arise on the road. Shipping by rail is the safest way of delivery and it is perfect for the transport of dangerous, liquid, granular or toxic cargo. Each type of goods has its own cargo wagon format that is convenient and safe. In addition, the railroad allows cheaply deliver goods over long distances, which usually does not allow other vehicles.

The main advantage of transportation via rail coverage in our economic region is, of course, well-developed network of railways between Russia and Turkmenistan. Freight train in this case would be the best solution if you need transportation between two countries. Railroad tracks were laid in such a way that you can carry out the delivery of cargo in almost every major russian city, and the railway line in Turkmenistan reaches the sea port in Turkmenbashi that enables railways to participate in multimodal transport.

Company «Tekiz Yol» offers a wide range of services for rail transportation. We produce freight forwarding on the territory of the CIS countries, Russia and Europe during transportation by rail or mixed messages. For transportation inside Turkmenistan have tweaked developments in consultation with the special conditions of transport of the Ministry of Railway Transport, as well as the transit agreement and the plan of formation of trains. Our customers can follow the carriage throughout the route, provided all the information about trains and their movement on the territory of Turkmenistan.

You can track the status of their cargo shipment using our service.

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