Road transport

Trucking and delivery of goods between cities

Turkmenistan is a country rich in natural resources that are in demand in many countries. In Turkmenistan, the import list has oil, salt, alkaline-earth metals, as well as natural gas. In addition to the availability of natural resources, Turkmenistan is famous for its food and light industry. That is why many companies from Russia are interested in transportation of export products lines.

The easiest way to deliver the goods is road transport. Today, road transport is the most popular among owners of small and medium-sized businesses, but also in situations of constant supply road transport show itself consistently good. Road transport advantages are obvious: high mobility and ability to deliver cargo «door to door». In addition, this method is reliable enough freight, cargo will be well protected, and reach your destination in the same form in which it was immersed in a truck. Auto shipping is used in situations when other delivery methods are too irrelevant. Multimodal transport systems are also used to deliver cargo «door to door». You can transport bulky and dangerous goods, carry out urgent orders and even to establish a constant flow of traffic between two points by car — it is one of the most flexible methods of delivery.

Our company «Tekiz Yol» offers its customers a streamlined logistics solutions in the sphere of cargo transportation in Turkmenistan, as well as in other countries. The length of the border of Turkmenistan is 3736 kilometers, there are 7 road checkpoint located on the border in the number of departures.

Thanks to our own fleet, but also developed logistics system, based on our experience in road freight, our customers receive the goods as soon as possible

You can track the status of their cargo shipment using our service.

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